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Our instructors are extensively trained in the RYDE method. Our method is built on our instructors' fitness expertise, musicality and passion to deliver you the best experience possible. Ride in a safe and supportive environment while being encouraged and coached along to your full potential.
RYDE instructors are more than just coaches; we're athletes, musicians, DJs on a bike, motivators, trainers, comedians, and people who build community.
Our instructing team is trained in the RYDE Method. We understand the physiology of training on a bike and we've spent countless hours matching the work to music. We're focused on creating an athletic experience that is safe, challenging, and driven by sick beats.
Whatever your reason for getting on the bike: simple or complex, surface or intrinsically deep, to chase after something or to find an escape, there's a RYDE instructor for you.
Dallis Williams

Dallis Williams

Dallis comes to Revolve after many years in the corporate world.  As a singer/songwriter with a background in dance, she believes that music ignites the soul.  Her infectious beats drive her class and promotes positive energy for you to challenge yourself to be the best version of you.  Dallis is inspired by fitness and is elated to follow her real passion.  Trust the journey.

Danielle Vetrano

Danielle Vetrano

Danielle has been a NYC trainer for the last 8 years. She has decided to take her skill set and knowledge of proper body form and function to indoor cycling.
Philosophy: Most important - have fun while you train. Commit 100% mind, body and soul, every workout will bring you closer to your goals.
Her class: 60 minutes of intense riding. Including interval training, endurance and conditioning-based drills. A lot of heart required!

Instructor James Beggan

James Beggan

James is a Boston-bred New York City transplant who found his love for cycling after attending Parsons School of Design. As a designer and DJ, he brings both his creative flair and killer beats to the bike.

James encourages his riders to find power within themselves and challenges them to ride free of inhibitions. Get ready to clip in, turn it up, and ride stronger with every pedal stroke. Follow him on Instagram @jamespbeggan

Angela Rice

Angela Rice

As both a spin instructor and consultant, Angela believes balance is key and that a killer morning workout plus a cup of coffee equal the elixir of life. Angela's classes combine hard work and physical challenges with plenty of good vibes and positivity. 

She aims to motivate herself and others to try something new and get better every day and in every workout. Come to class and let's work together to build the positive momentum that will fuel each aspect of your life and power you to achieve amazing things!