Revolve's classes are designed to challenge the fiercest competitors -- and introduce novice riders to a whole new way to sweat! We're proud to offer expert-crafted workout styles to help our riders reach their fitness goals with the support of our vibrant community.


Travel uneven terrain, tackle long hills with multiple gear shifts, speed up on intervals, face wind resistance and settle into endurance pack riding - all guided by expert instruction and upbeat music. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and novice alike, the Real Ride is designed to train you for a competitive edge in a body that can deliver in real life. This is a no-excuses class!RESERVE NOW


RIP Ride (NYC only) is Revolveā€™s hardcore training class -- a class dedicated to fitness fanatics and those looking to push themselves to the max. For 60 or 75 minutes, riders will get it all in this challenging athletic training class that alternates cycling intervals using real resistance with upper body sculpting exercises. A class dedicated to anyone looking to push themselves to a ripped level. Resistance. Interval. Performance.RESERVE NOW


Cardio...Strength...Flexibility...Everything you need in one complete class. This all-encompassing workout allows you to maximize the time you have to work-out in one place. Start out strong. The ride is cardio-intense and gets the heart rate up and keeps it there. Stay moving while you strengthen and tone the upper body on the bike. Polish it all off with a cool down stretch both on and off the bike. You get it all. You get the complete body!RESERVE NOW


The Real Ride extended for endurance training. Push yourself to the next level.RESERVE NOW

Marathon Rev Up

Get rev'd up for the NYC Half Marathon! Practice your endurance with Revolve!RESERVE NOW