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The RYDE Method

Ryde by Revolve is a rhythm sport. Athletic training, endurance sprints, drills in and out of the saddle, and team riding that will push you to your limits all while enhancing your form and technique. Lose yourself in the dark and tune out the day's frustrations while being pushed by the beats and inspired by your inner warrior. The Ryde method is performance-based and results-driven. With optimal speed and resistance combinations, our form-focused, streamlined workout is more efficient and yields stronger results. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first class, you will be challenged and motivated. We engage our riders with heart-pounding music, motivating instructors, and an endorphin rush that lasts well beyond the studio. Our Schwinn certified instructors are experts at form, resistance and fit corrections and will help guide new riders, as well as challenge experienced fitness buffs.

Our Rydes

  • Real Ryde

    A cycling class focused on building cardio endurance for riders seeking the competitive edge. 45 minute ride; no upper body weight segments.
  • Body Ryde

    A complete body workout incorporating cycling and strength training. An all-inclusive workout designed to create a sleek and strong physique. 45 minute ride, one upper body weight segment.
  • RIP Ryde/RIPPED Friday night turn up ryde

    Resistance-Interval-Performance. Hardcore training for those looking to push themselves to the max and get ripped. 60 minute ride with two upper body weight segments.
  • Real RYDE Endurance

    Build endurance, speed and aerobic strength. This workout includes high cadence, flat roads, intervals, steep "big gear" hill climbs, and races to the finish line. 60 minute ride; no upper body segments.