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Our instructors are extensively trained in the Revolve method. Our method is built on our instructors' fitness expertise, musicality and passion to deliver you the best experience possible. Ride in a safe and supportive environment while being encouraged and coached along to your full potential.

Revolve instructors are more than just coaches; we're athletes, musicians, DJs on a bike, motivators, trainers, comedians, and people who build community.
Our instructing team is trained in the Revolve Method. We understand the physiology of training on a bike and we've spent countless hours matching the work to music. We're focused on creating an athletic experience that is safe, challenging, and driven by sick beats.
Whatever your reason for getting on the bike: simple or complex, surface or intrinsically deep, to chase after something or to find an escape, there's a Revolve instructor for you.
Aimee Richardson

Aimee Richardson

Aimee Richardson has been working as a Health and Wellness Professional for 15 years. She holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion; is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES); and has certifications from Yogafit, Stott Pilates, Mad Dogg Spinning, Physical Mind Institute, ACE and AFAA.
In addition to teaching various Group Exercise classes and Personal Training, Aimee helps individuals reach their goals through health and wellness coaching and works with small businesses to implement employee health and wellness programs. Aimee is also a Professor at American University, George Washington University and Marymount University; teaching courses in Health Promotion, Exercise Physiology, Women's Health, Stress Management and Foundations of Health Principles.
Allie Pandelidis

Allie Pandelidis

A long-time lover of all things fitness, Allie is always open to trying a new activity to challenge her body: half marathons, triathlons, outdoor cycling. When she first came to Revolve 2 years ago (looking for a way to stay in shape over the winter season) she knew she'd found her true workout calling. Becoming addicted to the high-intensity workout that indoor cycling offers and wanting to spread her excitement for the sport to others, she went from student to teacher. Allie's classes are built around high-energy music that guides riders through quick sprinting intervals, steep hill climbs and heavy resistance pushes, keeping your legs pumping and your heart racing from start to finish. Whether you're brand new to the sport or an avid cyclist, her rides will give you the calorie-burning workout you're looking for and keep you coming back for more.

Audra Lifson

Audra discovered indoor cycling when she joined a friend for a class on a whim almost 10 years ago. It didn't take long for her to become truly passionate about riding both indoors and outside. She got certified to teach indoor cycling two years ago and has been taking riders for fun yet challenging workouts ever since. With a healthy mix of interval and endurance drills throughout class you'll walk out of one her classes feeling the burn. Audra also teaches bootcamp and Pump classes outside of Revolve and is constantly engaging with her clients and riders! When not teaching, Audra loves to travel and is slowly making her way through her bucket list of places to visit. Next stop Portugal...

Sasha Alegbeleye

Looking for a low impact workout after unofficially retiring from running, Sasha took her first indoor cycling class and was instantly hooked! Naturally, the next step from 3-5 day per week riding in the crowd was to hop to the podium and start teaching. When not teaching cycling or taking a class, Sasha gets her fitness kicks at yoga, barre, or kickboxing. Outside of fitness: cooking, meditation, and curling up with a good book are some of her favorite ways to mellow out. In Sasha's class, expect a high energy ride to hip hop, r&b, and a little trap with melodic hypnotizing beats for a high intensity workout that will leave you sore but wanting more!

Ely Miller

Susan Shuckra

Sean Hinners