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Our instructors are trained in our ryde method, designed to bring out the strongest, most fierce version of you!  They bring musicality and passion to deliver you the best experience possible. Ride in a safe and supportive environment while being encouraged and coached along to your full potential.

Ryde instructors are more than just coaches; we're athletes, musicians, DJs on a bike, motivators, trainers, comedians, and people who build community.
Our instructing team is trained in the Ryde Method. We understand the physiology of training on a bike and we've spent countless hours matching the work to music. We're focused on creating an athletic experience that is safe, challenging, and driven by sick beats.
Whatever your reason for getting on the bike: simple or complex, surface or intrinsically deep, to chase after something or to find an escape, there's a Ryde instructor for you.

Emilee Kaufman

Emilee knows first-hand how intimidating it can be to break into the fitness community. She styles her classes to be accepting and encouraging for all riders, whether it's your first class or your 1000th, they are exclusively inclusive. Positive intentions and exercise have the power to change your physical and mental health, and Emilee treats each ride like 'cycle-therapy', giving riders an opportunity to focus on themselves, feel the music and enjoy the Ryde. 

Emilee moved to the DC area in 2013 for a career at a non-profit organization. Without much background in exercise classes, Emilee took her first indoor cycling class and it felt like coming home. She has been hooked ever since, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Justin McDonald

Justin discovered indoor cycling in 2013 while on his own weight loss journey and has been hooked ever since.  A native Pennsylvanian turned Washitonian, Justin's classes are filled with great VIBES, incredible MUSIC and killer ENERGY; from the moment you walk through the door. Creating an environment that is upbeat, positive, motivating, and fun is something Justin strives for in every class. He creates an atmosphere that will allow you to unplug from the outside world and put yourself first. The feel good energy you produce on your bike, from your neighbor, and inside that room is bar-none. Each class has a special moment to allow your day to melt away all while giving you the best workout you'll ever earn. 

 So clip in, get hooked, and join Justin on your Ryde journey. 

Allie Pandelidis

Katie Selbe

"Invest in yourself."

After an early running "retirement" due to injury, Katie found indoor cycling can give you the same runner's high that she missed.  She is a former jazz dancer, tennis player, swimmer and distance runner (she actually performed in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics).  Katie will push you beyond limits and excuses to reach your personal best, without you even realizing what you have done!  She loves inspiring others and helping them achieve their goals personally and professionally.  Be ready to escape and focus on YOU. 

Tyler Browning

Tyler is a fitness enthusiast who has tried just about every workout class in D.C., but RYDE DC was the only studio that got a second date. Ever since stepping foot in RYDE, the energy and positivity from the community got Tyler hooked on the Rhythm-based class and led her to take the podium and help others drink that RYDE Kool-Aid. If you like to shake your booty to hip hop hits and epic throwbacks, then Tyler's class is for you.

Whenever she is not teaching, you can find Tyler strolling the streets of Clarendon with either a smoothie or an iced coffee in her hand.

Kate Burkett

Kate began her fitness journey several years ago when she joined a friend at an indoor cycling class, and it wasn't long before she was hooked.  Kate hopes to inspire riders to push their limits each class, while also having a great time working out.  Her classes will help de-stress your mind, and leave you feeling energized. 

Jordan Ciminelli

As a Schwinn certified instructor, Jordan has been searching for the perfect studio that blends her love of cycling and music. Cue Ryde DC! Her class will make you dance and feel good, while focusing on form and technique. In her spare time, you'll find her competing in beach volleyball tournaments or running around DC. Come tap it back with Jordan! 

Jerry Hall

Jerry is a fitness lover with lots of energy and a contagious smile! She fell in love with indoor cycling 5 years ago when she took her first class and hasn't looked back since! Jerry views working out as fun and therapeutic and she is used to working with all fitness levels. Whether it is your first day in class or you're a regular rider, Jerry will make you feel like you've been taking classes at the studio for years. We also guaranteed you'll leave with a smile on your face and the feeling of accomplishment! Jerry is from Michigan (GO BLUE!) and lived in Philadelphia the last 6 years before moving to Alexandria in 2017. Jerry works in the pharmaceutical industry and when she is not working or teaching, she likes to shop, read, drink wine and travel!